2017 in Review

31 Dec

This was a long year.

The lows were incredibly low – from Rey and Elree dying to a close relative being diagnosed with cancer to all the stupid BS that’s come with Trump’s inauguration – and the highs were high (probably none higher than our relative’s cancer being caught early and not requiring chemo after surgery to remove the mass).

We went to Japan; Italy, Spain, and MaltaWyoming for the eclipse; DisneylandHollywoodNew Orleans and Mississippi; Oklahoma; and Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico.

Michaela wrapped up first grade and started second. She turned 8 and somehow manages to get cooler every day.

Work was full of ups and downs for me, but seems to have settled into a “new normal.” Mike is busier than ever, growing his company and making great videos for happy clients.

We spent time with friends new and old, and saw all three sets of parents (mine, Mike’s dad and stepmom, and Mike’s mom and stepdad) multiple times during the year.

I hope 2018 will be kind to us. My intention for the year is to be more conscious– conscious of the impacts of what I say and don’t say, conscious about my consumption (in terms of food and shopping), and conscious of the example I’m setting for Michaela in ways that are obvious and not.

Happy new year!

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