Way back when we started this blog, this section said:

Mike, 29, and Music, 26, have been described as “so cute it makes me want to vomit.” We are, in fact, really cute. But in a good way!

We are fun-loving and somewhat dorky, as exhibited by some of the things we like best:

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
Vicks Vapo Rub
Morrissey (okay, only Music likes Morrissey)
Real Simple
We also love to travel. A quick glance at our pictures (soon to come) shows that we’ve been everywhere together from New York City to Vancouver, Canada, with trips to Mexico, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and San Juan Capistrano also making the list of sights seen. This September, Mike and Music will be joining Mike’s family on a cruise to Alaska. Brrr!

Mike works at KFMB, News 8, the CBS affiliate in San Diego. Every day, he goes to work and makes magical spots such as “topicals.” This involves lots of videographic and editing skill. Music fills her days at San Diego City Schools, the second-largest school district in California (8th or 13 largest in the nation, depending on who you ask). She is a communications supervisor, meaning Music writes press releases, works with media, and attempts to garner positive publicity for the district and its schools.

Both Music and Mike come from loving families. This “about” section wouldn’t be complete without shout-outs to the McCall, Mullen, Rohwer, and Watson families.

Thanks for visiting our website. Y’all come back now, you hear?

A lot can change in 15 years! Now:

Music works for the San Diego County Office of Education.

After racking up seven Emmy awards, Mike runs Video Approach, a production company.

Our daughter Michaela is 11 years old and in fifth grade.

Sparky’s has closed. Mike Rowe has gotten too right-wing for Music. MythBusters is off the air but we’ve introduced Michaela to reruns and she loves it. Music is still alone in her love of Morrissey (his music only; as a person, he’s trash).

Welcome to our blog!

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