Disneyland Adventure

9 May

Mike has been out of town a lot this month (today’s the 9th and he’s already spent two days in Sacramento, two days in Los Angeles, and four days in Orlando), so Michaela and I have had plenty of together time. I’d been wanting to take a quick trip to Disneyland and decided the two of us would go while Mike is out of town.

Sunday afternoon, I told Michaela we needed to go to Target to get some snacks. Then I hopped on the 5 North and we were off. After about an hour in the car, Michaela still hadn’t asked why we’d been in the car for so long or where we were going (maybe because I got her a cool Lisa Frank coloring and tracing book, plus some new markers). I couldn’t take it anymore, so I asked her if she’d noticed we weren’t heading towards home.

Michaela: Where are we going, Mom?

Me: To Orange County.

Michaela: What’s in Orange County?

Me: Well, Pretend City is in Orange County.

Michaela, excited: Are we going to Pretend City?!?!?

Me: No.

Me again: The Discovery Cube is in Orange County.

Michaela, excited: Are we going to the Cube?!?!

Me: No.

Michaela started to cry at that point!

Michaela: Why do you keep telling me places we’re not going?

Me, feeling sorry for her: You know what else is in Orange County? Disneyland.

Michaela: Are we going to Disneyland?!?!

Me: YES!

And so we did. We dropped our stuff off at a hotel near the resort and then grabbed some dinner before going back to the hotel to play in the pool and hot tub. There was a lovely Mormon family in the pool area with us; when I didn’t want to go back into the pool because it was too cold, the father told his two teenagers to play with Michaela in the pool. She was thrilled, because she loves people who are older than her, and Michaela had them cracking up. The father told his wife that Michaela is “brilliant”and “is going to go far in life.” Smart man!

The next morning, we got up early to go to Disneyland. We hit a few things there before hopping over to California Adventure. We hung out there (and even ran into another kid from Michaela’s class who was playing hooky with his parents) and then went back to Disneyland at dusk. We got a table at the Corner Cafe on Main Street and had dinner while waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade, which Michaela LOVED.


At 9:30 p.m., we made our way back to the car, where Michaela immediately fell asleep. We were home by 11 and went straight to bed, tired after a fun girls’ getaway.

This morning, I asked Michaela what was her favorite part of our time at Disneyland. Her answer? “I liked when we were on the Little Mermaid Ride [at California Adventure] and the special light made my shoes and socks look cool!”


Turns out, I could have saved myself a lot of cash by skipping Disneyland and just investing in a blacklight.

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