Thanksgiving 2021

2 Dec

I long for the days of traveling over the Thanksgiving break. In past years, we’ve spent Thanksgiving in Spain, the Philippines, and Costa Rica. Now, thanks to COVID, we haven’t traveled internationally in two years.


We had a nice Thanksgiving!

We spent the Sunday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving at a cabin in the mountains with friends. It was very autumnal, weather-wise. We went for long hikes in the crisp fall air, tromped through piles of leaves, made s’mores and drank hot cocoa. We played board games and laughed and hung out. And, in the case of me and Mike, mostly didn’t work, which was a welcome break.

For Thanksgiving itself, we had Mike’s cousins over, along with one cousin’s boyfriend. My dad opted to spend the day alone and my brother worked, so it was just the seven of us. Mike made a delicious turkey and all the sides (stuffing, green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, cranberry sauce and rolls from scratch, pie) and we had a pleasant evening together.

Mike and I were laughing. I’m 42, he’ll turn 44 this week. So to the cousins and boyfriend — who are all in their 20s — Mike and I are very old. I like to think we’re old but not totally un-hip, but Mike assures me to them, we’re practically dinosaurs.

As time passes (thankfully, my mom is the only one we’ve lost, of the bio parents and step-parents), we’ll hit a point where we’re the eldest generation. And that’s truly crazy to contemplate.

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