Civil Discourse

7 Apr

Excerpts of messages I’ve gotten over the last week from people who disagree with a policy decision my workplace has made:

“What an upside down cesspool you live in.”

“You people don’t know anything about the Constitution.”

“A communication spokesman-type person possessing well developed skills is sorely in absentia” [Note: I am the spokesperson]

“You need to lose your job.”

“Your organization is a pathetic failure, and so are you as ‘officials.’ Resign NOW.”

“You disguist [sic] me.”

“You are full of shit.”

“You are as disgusting as they get.”

“You must truly hate our country… Communist traitors.”

“Add Music Watson to the enormous list of disgusting San Diego toilet fish… You’re a freaking disgrace.”

“You are useless pieces of shit. Fuck you.”

“Tone deaf lazy fucks… You people suck dick, unAmerican [sic] pieces of human shit… You people are fucking lazy, stupid and retarded… FUCK YOU and eat SHIT and DIE motherfuckers.. Dick sucking, pig snout fucking trash.”

Aren’t people lovely?

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