10 Mar

Michaela took ice skating lessons when she was a tot. She liked it but not well enough to keep doing it. She’s skated once or twice since then during free skate, but that’s about it. So when we decided to go roller skating with friends last weekend, I wasn’t sure how she’d do. Heck, I wasn’t sure how I would do!

We met our friends, slooooowly strapped on our skates, and proceeded to the rink.

image (1)

The girls were wobbly and had a hard time, and we were outnumbered (three kids to two adults), so we got them each a skating support. It’s a little contraption made out of PVC pipe that the kid can hang onto and push along with them– a walker of sorts.

After a couple of trips around the rink, Michaela handed me her walker, dramatically held out her arm, said “Bye, Mom!” and skated off! A little haltingly, sure, but she she did it! She spent the entire rest of our time there skating around by herself, having a good old time.

I’m so proud of my little skater!

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