Kind Heart

26 Nov

We don’t have cable, so when we have TV on, it’s either Netflix/something streaming or over-the-air broadcast TV, which is mostly shows from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, and some of the worst commercials you’ve ever seen. From spots for pills that will help cure your addiction (no matter what you’re addicted to) to AARP membership ads to heart-tugging pieces for Wounded Warriors Project, St. Jude’s, etc., they’re a motley mix.

Today I had the TV on and a commercial for Unicef came on. It talked about how children live in different parts of the world, how people’s donations can help make a difference to those children. I didn’t even realize Michaela was watching until she ran to her piggy bank and came back with a handful of coins and told me she wanted to donate it to Unicef to help other children.

It was so incredibly sweet. I gave her the money back and told her I’d make a donation for all of us (I actually made a donation to Unicef earlier this year), but she put the coins back in my hand and said she wanted to help. She insisted I take the money and made me promise to donate it.

I am proud of my girl’s big heart and desire to make the world a better place.

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