Ninja Move

10 Feb

This is the story of the super crafty, ninja-like way I arranged childcare the other night.

Background: My mom loves tennis.  Her favorite current player is Rafael Nadal.  She has gotten Michaela into tennis–and Rafa–too.

Yesterday, 3 p.m.

Mike: “Do you think your mom would watch Michaela tonight so we could go out to a nice dinner?”

Me: “I don’t know.  Let me call and ask.”

I call.  My mom answers.  She’s excited.

Grandma: “I’m getting excited!  Rafa’s match is at 5 p.m.!  You’ll have to tell Michaela!”

Me: “Hold on, I’ll put you on speaker and you can tell her yourself.”

My mom tells her.  I mute the phone and tell Michaela, “Ask Grandma if you can watch the match with her.”

Michaela: “Grandma, can I come watch Rafa with you?”

Grandma: “Ummm…  Well, you have to ask your mommy.”

I do a happy dance.  Mike gets a big smile on his face because it’s worked out better than we could’ve hoped.

Me: “Actually, I was calling to see if you’d watch Michaela tonight so we can go to dinner.  So yeah, that’s great!  See you a little before 5!”

Fade to black.

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