642 Things to Write About

10 Feb

I got this book for Christmas and have recently started trying to write in it each day.  Some of the prompts are better than others, but they all help me stretch my writing muscles; I just open up the book and whatever page I turn to, that’s the prompt I tackle.  Today’s was “Write 10 new cheers for a high-school cheerleading squad.”  I write a lot for work (press releases, articles, letters, etc.), but most of it isn’t “creative” writing, so it was a really hard one for me.  I enjoyed the challenge, though, and look forward to someday looking back at the book, full of my writing, and laughing at some of the dumb cheers I came up with, or my musings on “The weekend in St. Tropez” or “The nape of her husband’s neck” or “A bad smell and where it came from.”

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  1. Monkemama February 16, 2013 at 8:44 pm #

    Being the girl who still dreams about writing for a living one day, I’m definitely ordering that book. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I can have it by Tuesday!

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