Purple Pancake Day

5 Feb

Our wonderful daycare does a weekly “Share Box,” where one day a week, each kid brings an item that matches the week’s designated shape, color or letter of the alphabet.  Today, Tuesday, February 5, 2013, the letter is “F,” the shape is triangle and the color is purple.  Purple, if you don’t know, is Michaela’s FAVORITE color.

If you’re walking through a parking lot and she sees something purple, Michaela will stop in her tracks, point at it and yell, “PURPLE!”  If you ask her if her favorite color is yellow or green or red, she will look at you like you’re crazy and correct you.  This is the same girl who asked Santa for only one thing for Christmas– a pair of purple fairy wings.

Today is also National Pancake Day.  Michaela’s love of purple?  It’s greater than or equal to her love of pancakes.  On any given day, if she has a choice of what to eat– for any meal of the day, mind you — the answer is almost always “PANCAKES!”

So the collision of these two things is like the universe telling me that I have to do something special with Michaela to celebrate.  Mike is out of town today, so it will be a mother-daughter purple fest!  I sent Michaela off to daycare wearing head-to-toe purple (purple rubber band for her hair, shirt, vest, pants, and socks), along with a purple toy to share.  And soon, I will pick her up from daycare so we can head to IHOP for a pancake dinner.  I only wish she was old enough to truly appreciate the excitement of this special day!

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