Construction continues

3 Jan

Just because Michaela has joined our family desn’t mean the renovation work has stopped.  On the contrary, its pace has accelerated.  Mike has been hard at work on what will be our new office and bathroom, tearing down the old walls, framing in new ones, and preparing the room for the next steps of plumbing and drywall.


Tonight’s big project is tearing out the window that was in the room.  First Mike took down the ugly security bars (the last set remaining on our house, thank goodness).



Then he broke out the glass in the old window.


Next up on this project (I think– my knowledge of construction is extremely limited!) will be putting in studs we can wall over the hole where the window was, then making a space for the new window, which will be a different size and located several feet to the left of where the old window was.

Tomorrow we have several plumbers coming to give us estimates to rough-in the new sink, bathtub, and toilet, and once that work is done, we’ll have the drywallers come back and put up walls.

I may be able to work in the new office when my maternity leave ends at the end of January– very exciting!

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