Happy Mother’s Day

10 May

The other day, Mike asked Michaela what she’s excited about as she gets closer to 7th grade. It kind of sent me into a tizzy. Seventh grade. Seventh grade?!?! That’s, like, big kid stuff. Where did Michaela’s childhood go? When she she get so old? When did I get so old?

It’s the kind of thing I wish I could call my mom and talk to her about. What was I like when I was going into 7th grade? Did I push her away when she wanted to give me a hug? I wish I could share with her that Michaela got straight As — again — and that she’s thriving in Scouts and that she’s nearly as tall as me.

I feel like I didn’t really become an adult until my mom died. I thought I was a grown up, but I wasn’t. I always could run back to my mommy for comfort or a listening ear or a friend.

Mothering is hard. Mothering without my mother is hard. It doesn’t entirely fill the void, but I feel thankful to many good friends who are excellent examples of motherhood. And to have Mike, who is an amazing parent, and Michaela, who is turning into a great human being who makes me very proud.

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