January 2022

27 Jan

January 2022 has had a real March 2020 vibe, don’t you think?

After working way too much during my Christmas vacation, I also worked way too much in January. The state kept changing schools guidance for COVID and doing things like dropping hundreds of thousands of test kits and masks on us. So it’s been very busy!

We’ve managed so far — and hopefully this doesn’t jinx it — to stay healthy. Although I now wonder, anytime I have a headache or am tired or my nose itches or I couch, if I have COVID.

Michaela was able to go to 6th Grade Camp, which felt like a miracle. The week was not without bumps (that’s an understatement), but Mike and I were glad she had the opportunity.

Mike’s been busy with work and busy with some big home projects. We (he) replaced all the old windows in our house with new ones. We (he) ripped down the patio cover in our backyard. We bought new exterior doors and will begin installing those when we’re done with a deck building project that’s now underway.

Today’s my mom’s birthday. It’s very strange that this is the second birthday she hasn’t been around to celebrate. I thought it would be easier than last year, but it’s actually been way harder. I’ve done a lot of crying today.

In other news (quite a transition, I know, but what can you do?), I bought a robot mop. It’s like a Roomba that mops. It’s bringing me a lot of joy. Our house is always dusty because we live on a canyon — and lately because of all the house projects — and we’re DIY cleaners, so anything that can take a little work off my plate is a win.

Hoping February is more robot mop, less mope.

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