Mother’s Day 2021

9 May

Today has been bittersweet.

Mike and Michaela made me a delicious breakfast and showered me with gifts. We went for a four-mile hike in the national park. And except for the uphill climb at the end of the hike, which kicked my out-of-shape butt, it was really, really nice.

Another favorite part of my day has been hearing from, and connecting with, many friends. My friends are pretty amazing people! They make my life so much more rich.

Of course, I was missing my mom today. This morning I found myself looking through my Google Photos, trying to find a picture of me, Michaela, and my mom. Turns out, I don’t have one. Not a single picture of just the three of us.

Still. I was lucky enough to have my mom for 41 years and I have lots of other great moms in my life, including two (!) mothers-in-law. And every day brings the chance to be a good mom to Michaela. She’s a very special person; I must be doing something right!

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