Merry Christmas

26 Dec

Christmas was weird this year. I guess it’s to be expected. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. We can’t do anywhere or see anyone. My mom is dead.

We invited my dad and brother over for breakfast and present opening. That was before I remembered my brother had been diagnosed with COVID (can you tell we’re not close?). I ended up calling him on Christmas Eve to see what the deal was and he said his most recent test was inconclusive. When we talked, I could hear his seatbelt chime in the background so I asked what he was up to; he said he and the girl he’s dating were going to have dinner with friends. So I uninvited him.

I felt terrible thinking of him not being with family on the first Christmas my mom is gone. We should all have been together. But it didn’t seem like a good idea. In my opinion, he’s not behaving responsibly, and I don’t want any of us — especially my dad — to catch COVID because I indulged someone who’s making bad decisions.

So in the end, my dad came over and the four of us (me, Mike, Michaela, and my dad) hung out. Mike made and delivered from-scratch made cinnamon rolls to our favorite neighbors, and then we opened what felt like a million presents. We videochatted with Nana and Papa and opened each others’ gifts, and videochatted with our sister-in-law (Mike’s bro’s wife). By then it was practically noon and all we’d eaten was cinnamon rolls. My dad took off, we had brunch, and Michaela spent the next few hours playing with her new gifts.

Mike made a big dinner for some friends who’ve been going through tough times and we delivered that before settling in for the evening. We all had fun and enjoyed each others’ company. It was a nice day.

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