27 Nov

We have gotten into the habit as a family of taking a two-week international vacation at Thanksgiving. Last year, we went to Costa Rica, the year before, the Philippines, and before that, we did a Mediterranean cruise. Most of Mike’s family doesn’t live here, mine does but doesn’t like to do family gatherings, and it’s a nice off-season time to see the world.

This year, because of COVID, we’re stuck at home. It’s been really hard, because travel is my favorite thing in the world, and my preferred escape. And frankly, there’s been a lot I’d like to escape from this year.

We invited my dad over for dinner. I hated the thought of him sitting home alone eating dinner by himself (my brother was working), even though I also hated the idea of doing a family holiday dinner without my mom.

Mike cooked up a storm. Probably his best Thanksgiving dinner yet. Spatchcocked turkey, creamed corn, totally-from-scratch green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes, and more. Michaela made the cranberry sauce. I tidied the house and did dishes.

Dinner was pleasant. We ate and chatted, and sent my dad home shortly after finishing because he doesn’t like to drove in the dark anymore.

I tried to have a positive attitude yesterday, focusing on what I have (my dad is still alive and we get to spend time with him) and not what I don’t have (my mom, travel). I realize we are so, so lucky — we have each other, we’re healthy, we (me and Mike) have good careers and a good teacher (Michaela). We have been riding out the pandemic in a big, spacious house. We have plenty of food on our plates. Too much, actually!

I’m hoping that approach will carry me through Christmas, which I expect will be much harder.

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