Week 7

3 May

Apparently week seven is when people start to lose it a little bit? I felt like Mike and I were grumpier with each other at the end of this week than we had been before that. Here’s hoping it’s just a bump in the road.

Speaking of bumps, Michaela was stung by a bee last Sunday… ON HER FACE. Right near her eye. The result was no mere bump.

She had been down the street looking at a hive some neighbor kids told her about; she said she was pretty far away from it (which I believe, because that’s the kind of kid she is) but one got her anyway. She quickly walked her bike home, crying all the way, and came in the house with a giant wail. Mike removed the stinger, I washed and put cream on it. And then it swelled. More and more and more. Her face swelled up so much her eye was swollen shut, and it turned a purple color.

We gave her Benadryl, which didn’t seem to help, and put an ice pack on it. Granted, our Benadryl was really, really old. Like, expired in 2010 old. So we ventured to Rite Aid (my thinking was, they also have Thrifty ice cream, so it was a win-win.) There we were, the three of us wearing our masks — one of us looking like we’d beaten her, with her swollen, bruised eye — at a time child abuse is going up and reports are going down. But it was just a bee sting, I promise!

Anyway, Michaela’s eye was really bad for 48 hours and then subsided somewhat, getting less swollen each day. Now it’s a week later and there’s still bruising around her eye, but it’s not swollen and doesn’t itch anymore. And we’re all being a lot more careful when we see bees!

I spent yesterday working on some home projects. As I told Mike, I’m not going to come out of staying at home with any new skills like making sourdough, but I can have a more put together house, darn it. We’ve spent the last couple of weekend days installing hardwood floors in our upstairs hallway; yesterday I hung a gallery wall of family photos at the end of the hall, and today I hung up some other paintings. I also did boring but necessary chores like laundry (four loads, ugh), mopping floors, and watering the garden.

The other highlight of the week, for me at least, was that our county loosened the stay-at-home rules and re-opened parks for walking and picnicking (as long as you physically distance yourself). We loaded Michaela’s bike into Mike’s truck and went to Lake Murray, my favorite place to take a long walk. The parking lots of closed to prevent people from congregating too close together, so we parked on the street and walked into the park. Michaela rode her bike ahead of us, which is one of my favorite things to see; I love the combination of independence and competence it embodies. It was a beautiful spring day and I was so happy to be somewhere other than my ‘hood!

As I type this, Michaela is trying to make s’mores in a solar oven she made out of a cardboard box, black construction paper, and aluminum foil. She just came in and declared they only need 10 more minutes. Yum!

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