Week 6

25 Apr

Another week of quarantine under our belt.

Not quarantine, really. That’s a very specific term. But it’s the term everyone is using (including me, as I post about my new #QuarantineHobby fun on Instagram).

This week was rough for me on the work front. My job description can best be summed up as “solve problems,” but I felt like there were a ton of problems this week, and too many of them were avoidable. So I was thrilled when I was able to wrap up “early” yesterday (5 p.m.!) and start my weekend.

A neighbor had a shaved ice food truck come to the ‘hood for a physically distant treat. The truck pulled up, everyone queued six feet apart, the ice lady made the treats, and it was all very no-touch (if you don’t count the lady touching your cup and handing it to you). We saw a number of friends, albeit briefly, and it was a nice way to beat the heat (it was in the high 80s yesterday!).

Mike got a gig with a municipality in San Bernardino, so this week saw him head up there to shoot a press conference that was live streamed to media and community members. I joked with him before he left, “Do you need help remembering how to be around people?” He put on slacks and a polo shirt. It was a big day in the Watson household!

Michaela has started to… let’s say… express disdain with the busy work of traditional school. This was our sixth week of learning at home (because we still did some work during spring break) and this week was a soft launch before “real” virtual school officially starts next week. Looks like there will be a lot of taking pictures of work done and sending them to the teacher as proof of the work being done– but the work won’t be checked or graded by the teacher. Michaela finds this preposterous. And she’s not wrong. So I think we’re entering a new chapter, where Michaela’s rule-following tendencies are pitted against her don’t-waste-my-time attitude.

A definite highlight of this week was Michaela spending the night in her treehouse. It was Monday night, but the concept of a school day looks different at Watson Homeschool Academy. Michaela gathered her sleeping bag, a headlamp and flashlight, Dieciocho (her favorite stuffed animal), and a walkie talkie so she could communiacte with us on the ground. She put on her warmest PJs (it was in the low 60s that night) and settled in. Apparently at about 1:30 a.m., it started to rain, so she hauled all her stuff inside and went to sleep in her regular bed. I call that a success (especially because I was worried she’d wake up and have to fee and fall off the ladder, half-asleep, and injure herself)!

Another highlight was Mike making his first loaf of sourdough bread from the starter a friend gave us. And his second loaf, actually. Delicious!

That’s about it from here!

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