Week 3

31 Mar

It’s 10:42 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31. The second day of the third week we’ve been #TogetherAtHome. Except somehow it feels like it’s been forever!

Over the weekend, I felt a bit out of sorts. As it turns out, two weeks is the amount of time I can hang out with my family nearly exclusively at home and not be crabby. Two weeks on vacation? Easy peasy. Two weeks at home? Not so much.

We’ve taken about a million walks, which is actually really nice. Michaela and I have used chalk to draw pictures and write inspirational messages in front of our house. I planted some gardenias. I bought a six-pack of Corona (I haven’t touched it yet but am looking forward to savoring them!). Mike’s done a lot of yard work, which desperately needed to be done. Michaela has been working on school stuff, watching videos, doing lots of video chatting with Nana and Papa, and making lots of art.

We’ve gotten takeout once a week or so. We’ve gone to the store a few times. I’ve gone into the office once a week (and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future). Each time I go to the office, I stop at the Starbucks drive through my chai latte it’s a little bit of much-needed normalcy.

I spent a few minutes last week writing notes to some of my colleagues across the state, to tell them how much I appreciate their work. It felt really good to spend some focused time on gratitude. I highly recommend it! Going to try to work that into my schedule each week.

Mike said he’s getting used to things slowing down. He’s always wanted to homeschool Michaela, so here’s his chance.

Work, as I wrote before, was incredibly intense for several weeks. Then it calmed down and was more manageable. This week is back to nuts. I have to say, though, I am so proud of all the work my organization is doing for kids. Even on my busiest, most stressful day, I know my work is making a difference and that’s pretty amazing.

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