A Look Back

30 Dec

It’s so crazy to think of all the changes the last 10 years have brought!

On Jan. 3, 2010, we were in the thick of renovating our first house together. Michaela was about three weeks old, and we were about a month away from what should have been my due date.

feel like the last 10 years have been a blur. So much of it has been wrapped up in Michaela’s accomplishments and achievements and milestones. I’m happy to say we’ve managed to raise a pretty good kid in the last decade. There are too many examples to link here, but I’ll just say that Michaela is kind and sweet and smart and brave. Her kindergarten teacher predicted Michaela would be valedictorian. I guess we’ll see at the end of the next decade.

We moved out of our first house and into a new one that was, at the time, the cheapest house we could find in the neighborhood where we wanted to live. I loved the house but it was on a busy street, so we moved about five years later into our current home, which backs onto a canyon and has the best neighbors ever.

We’ve traveled a ton, including trips to Japan, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Europe (just me and Mike) plus European cruises (just the three of us, and with our nephew), a Panama Canal Cruise, and multiple Mexican Riviera cruises (with Mike’s mom and stepdad when Michaela was about 10 months old and most recently this spring with Mike’s dad and stepmom). We took some great domestic trips, too– also too many to mention!

Mike’s worked really hard growing his business. I’m so proud of him! When he quit his job 10 years ago to stay home with Michaela and do freelance video on the side, we never would have dreamt that he’d end up with a successful business that also allows him to volunteer once a week in Michaela’s classroom. He even served as Room Dad for a couple of years!

On the career front for me, I earned accreditation in public relations, which is sort of like becoming a CPA for accountants. I’ve had two jobs in the last 10 years. I’ve spent the last seven at my current job, and while it has been rough at times (understatement of the year?), I really do love my work.

We’ve lost a number of loved ones, specifically Grandpa George, Grandma Ede, Grandma Shirley, Great Grandmother McCall, Grandma Pat, Mike’s best friend Elree, and Rey, the best dog ever. Fortunately, Mike’s mom and my mom, who battled colon and liver cancer respectively, are doing well and not on that list.

Mike and I each turned 40, three years apart. Because as old as I am (and sometimes feel), he’ll always be older!

I got into yoga, and working out with a trainer, and cooking. I also was unmotivated and didn’t do those things. So basically, life.

Oh, and I’ve written about 580 blog posts.

Happy new year! Here’s to a great new decade!

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