Interview with a 10-Year-Old

12 Dec

Five years ago I interviewed Michaela, and I thought it’d be fun to see how her answers have changed.

How old are you? 10

What’s your favorite color? Light blue/baby blue

Who’s your best friend? Claudia

What’s your favorite snack? White Cheddar Cheez-Its [For the record, I’ve never seen her eat these.]

Where would you like to go to on vacation? Hawaii

Why Hawaii? Because I want to see their crystal-clear beaches.

What’s your favorite toy? My favorite toy or my favorite thing to play with? I really like adult coloring books.

What’s your favorite thing to wear? Waffle weave long-sleeved shirts.

Who’s your favorite Disney princess? What about cartoon character? Because then I’d say Horrid Henry.

What’s your favorite book? Junie B. Jones Aloha Ha.

Which is your favorite myth? I like the one about the snake-y things that Hercules kills and dips the arrows in. [The Hydra.]

What’s your favorite song? “Better Place” by Rachel Platten.

What’s something you’re really good at doing? Drawing cats.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside? At the Lake Murray Park, there’s a green thingy that spins around. Known as a merry-go-round. But those things are supposed to be dangerous. You sit down and have an adult push you, even if they don’t want to, because you force them.

What’s your favorite restaurant? The one in Japan with the sushi that comes right to your face because you order it.

What’s your favorite game? Playing cats with Claudia.

Who do you love? Close family plus Claudia.

Why? ‘Cause they’re nice. And Claudia likes playing cats and parents are the best doctors ever. PS: I’m sick right now, so that’s why.

What do you love about Dad? Snuggles.

What makes you happy? Family and cats.

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