3 Nov

Michaela’s golf team did really well– they won the challenge, thanks in no small part to the fact that we had a lot of friends and family who came to support the team. The kids’ parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles came (not Michaela’s, of course), and we even had several neighbors who brought their kids. And since the contest was based on votes, it was a pretty easy win.

We’ve been making good progress on the house. The new sliding glass doors are installed in the master and guest bedrooms, meaning we now finish patching holes, painting, and putting in new carpet up there. And once we do that, we can buy new bedroom furniture (include a king size bed, which I am super excited about) and put stuff up on the walls. Yay!

We’re getting close to our Costa Rica trip. Michaela is looking forward to zip lining and seeing sloths. I’m also looking forward to sloths, but also to getting away. The last few months have been really busy at work and I’m ready for a break.

The other fun thing on the horizon is a mother-daughter trip to Paris for spring break! Mike and I subscribe to a flight deals service, and they emailed us about really inexpensive fares to Europe. Mike said he didn’t want to go but would gladly book tickets for me and Michaela to Paris and I, of course, said YES. So she and I will head to gay Par-ee in March. We’ll eat crepes (Michaela also wants to be sure to have frog legs, which I will skip) and see the sites (I’ve never been to the top of the Eiffel Tour, and that’s on our list), and enjoy some quality time together. How do you say, “I can’t wait” in French?

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