20 Oct

The local high school has a challenge for students in the elementary and middle schools that feed into it. The kids can form a team of up to six children and then they build their own mini golf hole. This year’s theme is sustainability.

Mike and Michaela were really excited about the challenge, so Michaela picked kids for a team. Her best friend, C, of course. And C’s brother. Another girl friend, a boy from her class who Mike calls his “second-favorite 4th grader,” and a boy we’ll call M.

I don’t spend much time at school, so I don’t know much about M, but I think he’s autistic. Relatively non-verbal. Stimming behavior. It was a big deal a couple of weeks ago when he say Michaela, looked her in the eye, and said “Hi, Michaela.”

That must have been on her mind because Michaela invited M to be on her team. Mike sent an email to all the parents and M’s mom wrote a very lovely, emotional email back about how touched she is that M is being included and how that doesn’t happen that frequently.

The team got together last week to brainstorm ideas for their golf hole, and they’re outside as I type actually building the thing. M has been accompanied by his dad, and everyone seems to be having a good time.

I’m sure most people think their kid is the best, but seriously, my kid is the best. This wasn’t a pity thing, like “I feel sorry for him so I want to include him.” It was just a nice gesture to someone who could be a friend. I hope she can continue to have that attitude as she grows up!

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