2 Sep

Today is my dad’s 72nd birthday. Michaela and I called him in the morning and didn’t get him — in typical fashion, he was out at a car show — so left him a “Happy Birthday” serenade on his answering machine. When he called us back later, he said my mom hadn’t made him a cake, so Michaela and I resolved to make him one. Michaela had the idea to put sprinkles in the cake batter, making our own Funfetti-style batter, and we put his favorite chocolate icing on top.

We drove the cake to my parents’ house, singing to him again before he offered Michaela a slice (complete with his favorite French vanilla ice cream). He seemed genuinely tickled, and happy to spend a little time with us. It was really nice.


As I get older (hell, 40 in less than two weeks), I’m becoming more and more aware of how fleeting time is and how important it is to savor moments like today’s birthday celebration. I’m lucky my dad is alive and in good health, even if he does sometimes drive me crazy (so. many. questions. about the operation of his cell phone). And while I hope he is, it’s possible he won’t be here to celebrate 73. So I gave him a big hug and a kiss and wished him a happy birthday and counted my blessings to be able to do so.

Happy birthday, Daddy!

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