Another Milestone

2 Sep

Michaela started 4th grade last week. I know, I can’t believe it, either. FOURTH GRADE.

Mike and I both hoped Michaela would get a certain teacher, but kept it under wraps so Michaela wouldn’t be upset if she got a different teacher. And we all hoped Michaela’s best friend Claudia would be in her class, too (they were in different classes last year and it was sad for both of them). So when we got to the big teacher reveal at school — the Friday before school starts, they put up lists of teacher assignments and have food trucks and booths for different clubs and after-school activities — we were all thrilled to see that Michaela got the teacher we wanted and Claudia is in the same class.

So when it was time to bundle her off to school the following Monday, it was pretty easy-peasy. She put on the new romper she’d picked out, grabbed her new backpack (new, but she transferred the 8 million keychains she had on her old backpack to the new one), and off we went to school.



Doesn’t she look like such a big kid?

At the end of the day, I asked her how school was. “GREAT,” she said. And that was more or less that.

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