My Girl

26 May

Girl Scouts sends a survey to Michaela each year, to rate her satisfaction with being a scout. It also includes some questions about how she feels about herself and her life. I find the answers fascinating, and I wanted to share some of them here.

She said “agree a lot” about these things:

  • I care about doing well in school
  • I am a hard worker in school

She said these things sound “exactly like me”

  • I want to make the world a better place to live in
  • It is important to me to make a difference in my community
  • When I see a problem in my community, I figure out who can help me solve it
  • When I see a problem in my community, I think of many ways to solve it
  • Girls like me can do important things
  • Girls like me can be leadersGirls like me can be good at many different things
  • When I see someone being picked on, I feel sad
  • When I see another person who is hurt or upset, I want to make them feel better
  • When I see someone being taken advantage of, I want to help them
  • When someone does a good job, I tell them
  • I do what is right, even when it is hard
  • I tell the truth, even when it is not easy

These were interesting because they remind me of myself. It’s hard being a perfectionist!

  • Even if I am afraid of making mistakes, I still try new things: kind of like me
  • I don’t give up, even when things are hard: A lot like me
  • I try things even if I may not be good at them: Kind of like me

She’s a good kid. I love her to pieces!

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