Odds and Ends

26 May

We have the best neighbors ever. On Easter morning, many families hid eggs in their yards and about a dozen kids ran up and down the street hunting eggs. I made muffins and mimosas and we all had a nice time hanging out and watching the kids. Michaela recently learned that Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny aren’t real, but she very sweetly kept that news to herself. She was happy to hunt the eggs, even if she did know that I was the one who put them out.

Progress on the house continues to be slow and steady. Emphasis on slow. Mike installed floors in one of our living rooms, which we’d already painted, and we got a couch to go in there. The room still needs trim and the rest of the furniture, but at least it’s something. This week, Mike installed two new sliding doors and two new windows in the other living room and dining room. Now we can have the drywall done and then paint, and once that’s done, we can do floors in there.

Michaela was presented her “cookie ladder” patch. She has now sold more than 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Michaela takes cookie sales very seriously and I’m proud of her for hitting her goals.

Mike and Michaela made me feel incredibly special for Mother’s Day. They made me a delicious breakfast with all my favorites (including cinnamon raisin French toast!) and then we played “Jeopardy: Mom Edition.” They had made a Jeopardy board with categories like “Rhymes with Mom,” “Places Mom’s Been,” “Family Connections,” and “Mom’s Favorites.” Michaela had a whole spiel about the contestants (“Communicator of the Year Mommy” and “Videographer Mike Watson”) and the questions — actually, the answers — were adorable. Best of all, the $500 answer in the “Family Connections” category was “The best mom in the world.” And the question was, “who is Mommy?” It was adorable and I cried happy tears throughout the game.

We took Michaela and a friend to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the traveling Broadway play. I was surprised at how dark it was in parts (they seemed to get a lot of joy from the agonizing deaths of the other kids), but the kiddos enjoyed it. We had great seats and access to the President’s Circle lounge, where there was food and drinks. Michaela’s friend seemed to delight in the VIP experience. My kid, of course, took it all in stride. She’s super lucky… which I am constantly reminding her.

Michaela and I did the Navy Bridge Run for the second year in a row. They only close the Coronado Bridge down twice a year — once for this walk, once for a bike race — so it’s a cool chance to do something uniquely San Diego. The weather was iffy, but it stayed dry while we walked. Once we were done, though, the heavens opened up and we ended up soaked!

This week, I found myself with some ice cream supplies that were leftover from an event at work. We invited the neighbors over and had our first-ever Thursday night ice cream social. It went super well. Kids and adults made sundaes, we put on music and the kids danced, and we spent a couple of hours just hanging out. We’ll definitely do that again when it gets to be summer!

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