Cruising Along

26 May

In the very, very old news department… We went on a cruise! In March. Oops. I’m a little behind in blogging.

Mike’s dad and stepmom came to visit at the end of March. They stayed with us for a few days before the five of us sailed off on a Mexican Riviera cruise. It was a cruise Mike, Michaela and I had done several times before, but it was the first time Bruce and Lynda had been on a cruise.

It ended up working out well that we’d done the trip before because Mike and I were able to ferry our little group around with ease. We have places we like to go in each of the cities, things we like to do. Bruce and Lynda aren’t big walkers, so our trips to town were relatively laid back. We walked a lot less than if it had just been the three of us, but we still managed to hit the high points.

Mike and I sprang for a Neptune Suite, so we had this extra big, beautiful suite at the aft end of the ship. It came with extra stuff like concierge service, fresh fruit delivered to our room every day, an escort off the ship in the tender port, access to a special lounge with very fancy coffees and teas, etc. That was a nice treat. It’s going to be hard to cruise like a regular person in the future!

The cruise was only a week (good thing because as it turns out, Lynda did not enjoy cruising), and it felt so ridiculously short! We usually take 10-day or two-week trips, and I have to say, that second week makes a big difference. We don’t have any international trips on the calendar right now, but I’m counting on the next one to be two weeks long… at least!

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