Catching Up

17 Mar

I need to be better about posting regular stuff, not just epic weekend stuff. We do so many fun things, and Michaela is so adorable and fun and feisty, that there’s a ton to memorialize day-to-day.

That being said, since it’s been a month since I last posted, here’s a quick rundown of life lately:

Michaela and I went and saw “Aladdin.” It was an amazing performance. The guy who played the genie was so, so talented, and the sets were fantastic. The show started an hour late due to some sort of electrical problem in the theatre, so Michaela and I only made it to intermission. It was 9:30 and she was pooped and had school the next day! So we gave up our seats (which were fantastic– fourth row center) and headed up, which was perfectly fine.

Michaela and her friend Angie did a trapeze lesson! Angie got the lesson for Christmas and her mom generously got one for Michaela, too. The girls were scared at first — as anyone would be — but gave it a try. Angie ended up not being a fan, but Michaela got really into it! She kept going even after Angie had stopped, eventually managing to do a cool trick on the trapeze. When we got home, she told Mike she wanted him to install a trapeze in the backyard.

Michaela and I went to the Ramona Camel Dairy! Yup, it’s just what it sounds like. We didn’t try any camel milk, but we did use the camel soaps, and Michaela even got to ride a camel!

I was named Communicator of the Year by the California School Public Relations Association. I knew I had been nominated, but I didn’t expect (at all) to win, so I was shocked when they called my name. Speechless. That never happens. It was a tremendous honor. I’m so lucky to love what I do, and to get to help make public education better, so the recognition from my colleagues across the state means a lot to me.

We had the tile done on our fireplaces. When we moved into this house, the two fireplaces (one in one of the family rooms and one in the master bedroom) were covered with very outdated stone. We (Mike) took that off, and our wonderful tile guy came a coupe of weeks ago to apply stacked stone to the fireplaces. They look great! There’s still so, so much to do on our house, though…

That’s mostly it. We leave for a weeklong vacation one week from today. I. AM. COUNTING. DOWN.

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