Epic Weekend

18 Feb

Michaela had a four-day weekend for Presidents Day. Our babysitter wasn’t available on Friday, so I decided to take the day off work, and I already had Monday off, so I got to enjoy a four-day weekend, too. And what a weekend it was!

Friday, we mostly did errands and ran around. Hit Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Costco, plus the doctor’s office for some blood work (for me). Mike was working all day but in town, so when he was done with work, we had homemade pizza and then relaxed in the hot tub.

While I was home on Friday, I went into our backyard to see the state of things. We moved into our house last summer, so this is our first winter here. It’s been a really rainy winter, and our house backs onto a canyon, so I was kind of curious to see how things looked down the slope. In doing my examination, I noticed I could hear water rushing. It turns out there’s a stream in the bottom of the canyon! It sounded pretty full and I resolved that Michaela and I would take a hike in the canyon and do a little exploring.

Saturday morning, I made some yummy breakfast tacos (I’m trying so hard to get more veggies into our diet, so I chopped up a bunch of bell peppers and onions and did them in a scramble) and then Michaela and I headed out for our hike. It was a little cold, but nothing we couldn’t handle in long pants, sweatshirts, and hiking boots. We walked along the trail through the canyon until we got to our house. Then we called Mike to come out onto our back patio so we could wave and he could snap a picture of us. Ha ha!


Sunday was another day of mother-daughter fun. I took Michaela to the Museum of What: Love Tour in Encinitas. It’s basically an old Walgreens that’s been set up to have Instagram-w0rthy booths where you can snap fun pictures. I found it to a bit overpriced (we had a 20% off coupon and it was like $45 for the two of us. We stayed for about 75 minutes.) but we enjoyed it well enough. Michaela and I went to In n Out for lunch– I was ready for it to be a nice treat, but now that we’re eating out waaaay less, I find most restaurant food to be too salty and too heavy. This was no exception.


Today (Monday), we were able to convince Mike to come with us to do the Seven Bridges Walk across Balboa Park, Bankers Hill, and Hillcrest. It’s about a 5.5-mile walk, and I did my workout with my trainer today, so my legs are definitely tired! It was super fun to play tourist in my hometown, though. The walk is mostly flat and we did it at a decent pace, with stops to share a sandwich and get a Chai tea latte from Starbucks (for me) and cookies from Trader Joe’s (for Mike and Michaela). Mike leaves tonight to go to Northern California, so it’ll just be me and Michaela for the evening. The hot tub is calling my name!


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