Weekend Fun

10 Feb

Lately, it feels like every weekend is jammed packed with stuff to do. Mostly fun stuff, yes, but stuff. It’s wonderful but can also be exhausting. We had a lot of stuff on the calendar this weekend, so I was expecting to be more of the same. But somehow, it was different.

Friday, I stood in front of Albertsons with Michaela as she sold Girl Scout cookies. I’ll admit– it was a little overwhelming. I like kids and am proud of the work I do (at work) to support them, but in real life, I do better with smaller numbers of children. So two hours with multiple children — sometimes antsy, whiny, off-task children — was kind of a lot for me. Mike texted me asking what I wanted to do for dinner, and I told him I didn’t care as long as I didn’t have to think about it. I was giddy when he showed up at the store as our booth sale was ending, took my hand, and steered us (walking, which I love) to a Mediterranean restaurant nearby. He picked out my food and ordered for me, we enjoyed a delicious meal, and then walked back to the parking lot. Mike took Michaela home (“so you can enjoy some peace and quiet,” he said). It was lovely.

Saturday┬ámorning, I dropped Michaela at another cookie booth sale and headed to the Museum of Man for Yoga in the Rotunda. I did a lovely hour-long class in the middle of the museum, which was super cool, and then picked Michaela up from her sale. We hung out for a few hours before heading the Lake Miramar to meet my good friend from college and her daughters. The girls scootered and we walked; we went out two miles before turning around and doubling back. My feet were tired, but my heart was happy. When we got home, I hopped in the hot tub while Mike was making my favorite meal: his New Mexico green chile flat enchiladas. Score! I went to bed at like 8 p.m. Don’t ask me what anyone else did because I was sleeping and not worrying about anyone about myself!

Today, Michaela and I went out to breakfast with a friend. Uncle Rich loves Michaela like a grandkid, so it wasn’t surprising when he suggested she order the Bananas Foster French Toast, which is served with ice cream on top. And then he also got her extra ice cream on the side!!! Michaela was in heaven. Rich and I caught up while Michaela basically had dessert for breakfast. Not too shabby for me, either!

Later in the day, Michaela had a friend over for a while. I went and got a massage (soooo nice!). Then we did another two-hour shift at a cookie booth in front of a local grocery store before picking up Mike and going out to dinner.

It was a busy weekend, but it somehow felt very relaxing. Here’s to more of those!

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