3 Feb

It rained cats and dogs yesterday. Michaela was happy, though, because she and her friend played in the rain and jumped in puddles. They came inside to dry off, leaving oodles of water on the floor in our entry way. On our new tile. Which, I learned, is very, very slippery when wet.

I was walking down the stairs after doing a stair climb exercise (I’d planned to go to the gym, but bailed at the list minute– a bad decision, as it turned out) when I hit the tile, slipped, and flew into the air. Next thing I knew, I was sprawled at the bottom of the stairs, having landed awkwardly on my back and wrenching my neck. My right hip is badly bruised and my neck is so sore I can hardly turn my head.

I hopped in the hot tub last night and rubbed some cream on it, but every time I moved last night, it was agony. I got back in the hot tub this morning and rubbed more cream on it, but it still was intensely painful. I managed to make it to Trader joe’s to buy groceries for the week, driving extremely carefully because of the whole unable-to-turn-my-neck thing, but crashed when I got home. When I woke up a few hours later, I popped some Ibuprofen and got in the hot tub again.

It’s bad timing because Mike left tonight for San Francisco for most of the week, but at least Michaela is pretty self-sufficient. If this had happened when she was little and I had to carry her everywhere, I’d be sunk! And, as I keep joking to anyone who asks, at least I didn’t break a hip!

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