The Little Things

30 Jan

The lady who watches Michaela after school called me today saying she’d hurt her back and needed to go to the doctor. She’d worked out a plan to have her parents watch Michaela, but I didn’t have any meetings so opted to go grab her and spend some hours with my little burrito. I picked her up and we ran a couple of errands before stopping at Jamba Juice (for her) and Starbucks (for me). She did her homework as she drank her smoothie and then we came home, grabbed her scooter and helmet, and went to a nearby park.

Michaela scootered for a bit while I walked laps (gotta get my steps in!) and then she ran into a good friend from school. They played for a bit and we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day. No polar vortex here!

After her friend left, Michaela opted to play on the play structure while I continued to walk laps. (Side note: This is what’s wonderful about having a responsible child who is now 9. I don’t have to watch her like a hawk; we were at the same place but doing different things, and it was marvelous for both of us.)

She wanted to go on this revolving spinner thing but a littler kid got there at the same time as her. I was so proud because she stepped out of the way and asked┬áthe boy, “Do you want to go on this?” When he said yes, she gently spun him around, being careful to not spin him too fast. It was such a sweet moment. Michaela’s big heart makes me strive to be a better person.

When we were leaving the park, the little boy’s father actually stopped us to tell Michaela thanks for her kindness with his son. She didn’t know if she should say “you’re welcome” for his thanks or “thank you” because he complimented her for being a good person. It was adorable.

I’m sorry that our babysitter hurt her back, but I’m also so, so glad!

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