The Eyes Have It

30 Jan

I have wondered off and on over the years if Michaela didn’t have some sort of vision problem. We had her eyes checked at Kaiser (our medical provider) and they said her eyes were fine, but it was a quick exam and something still seemed off. When Michaela started complaining about headaches and her tutor said she was concerned that Michaela holds books very close to her face when reading, I decided to take action. Fortunately for me, the action was to hit up my college roomie who is now an eye doctor!

I’m so lucky to have Way in my life for a million reasons, and the latest one is the thorough and caring eye exam she gave Michaela when we flew up to the Bay Area last weekend. I know there are eye doctors in San Diego, but I don’t trust any of them even half as much as I trued Dr. Yu. Way spent a ton of time with Michaela, carefully explained what she was doing in kid-friendly (but not condescending) language, and was just as awesome as an eye doctor as she is a friend.


And to top it all off, after the appointment, Michaela and I went to a super cool park in Berkeley, where we were later joined by Way and Kevin and their two adorable boys. It was really neat to see our kids play together and share snacks and explore. I still can’t believe we’ve known each other for nearly 23 years!



Thank you, Dr. Yu, for the eye care, and thank you, Way, for two decades of friendship!


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