5 Oct

When I studied in Mexico City, everyone called it “el DF,” for “el distrito federal,” or “the federal district.” You see, Mexico City is like Washington, DC, in that way. It’s the capital of the country, which is made up of sates (just like the good old U.S. of A.).

Now, though, it’s “CDMX.” Way hipper, more Instagram-friendly.

You can say that in some ways about the entire city. It’s changed a lot since I was there! Of course, it has been (gulp) nearly two decades!

Mike and I walked across the border and flew out of Tijuana. It was a snap, and the TJ airport has a VIP lounge we could access, so we waited for our flight in extra comfortable surroundings. We landed in CDMX about three and a half hours later and took an Uber to our Air BnB.

What an amazing thing Uber is! Plug in the exact address of where you want to go and then watch as your driver navigates there. No more being dependent upon a taxi driver who may or may not know where you’re going and who may or may not take the most direct way there.

In the city, we ate a lot and walked a lot. We had a nine-course dinner at Pujol, which is one of the top restaurants in the world and was absolutely amazing. We also ate at a place called Zefiro. It was a wonderful experience; the restaurant is in a former convent and everyone is a final-year culinary student. The food was really yummy and the girls who waited on us were so sweet, I wanted to take them home.

Mike got pick pocketed on the Metro. They stole his phone right out of his back pocket. Bastards!

We went out to the pyramids and climbed the Pyramid of the Sun. When I was in Mexico before, I went alone. It was more fun to go with Mike, who cheered me on as I hauled my now-middle aged ass up the giant pyramid.


We saw the Diego Rivera murals at the national palace with a private guide because neither of us brought our ID and you can’t go in without one… unless you hire a guide.

We got caught in several thunderstorms. I’ve never heard it thunder so hard!

We went to several markets and saw everything from live goats to supplies for witchcraft to beautiful fruits and veggies.

It was really great. Our anniversary wasn’t  really on my radar with everything else that’s been going on, so the whole thing was an incredibly loving surprise. I’m a lucky girl!

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