Where to Begin?

4 Sep

Things have been insane since I last wrote.

It’s really too much to go into in detail, but the short version is, my work team has been operating at 50% capacity after one employee left and another was out for a while so work has been extra busy; the house we bought needed a bunch of work; packing and moving all our stuff was a huge stressor; my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I’ve been taking her to a lot of medical appointments; and Michaela started third grade.

The good news, in no particular order, is– our new house is lovely (and will be even nicer once we’re able to fully unpack once we install floors in the two bedrooms and two living rooms downstairs). It has a hot tub and I’ve taken a couple of soaks to relax and decompress. The kitchen, our bedroom and bathroom, and Michaela’s bedroom and bathroom are unpacked, so now we can function in our daily lives. On the work front, the employee who had been out came back today and the process is underway to hire a replacement for the person who left. Michaela is rocking third grade. Her teacher said she’s “a fantastic student and an incredible helper.” My mom is in good spirits, even if we don’t have a good sense yet of what her prognosis is.

I’m trying to look on the bright side of things.

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