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10 Apr

March was a looooong, painful month. Lots of travel and work and stress for Mike, and lots of work and stress for me. Michaela, as usual, did pretty well, though. She’s LOVING her after-school jump rope class and can often be found outside, practicing techniques like “skier” and “Irish jig.” (Who knew there was so much to jump roping?)

Mike’s mom came to stay with us for a week or so at the end of the month, which was lovely. She and Michaela had a great time hanging out, going to the park, making shrinky dinks, and doing crafts. The Easter Bunny visited our house and hid 30 eggs, some of which were filled with candy and others of which were filled with candy and dollar coins) and then we had a big lunch that included neighbors coming over so we could taste each other’s homemade cakes. Mike and his mom made a cake in the shape of an egg.

Like this one from How to Cake It:



If March dragged, April seems to be flying by so far. I hope we’ll be able to kick off a front yard renovation soon (lord knows it’s terribly needed) and book some fun stuff for summer. After all, it’s only nine more weeks until Michaela is done with second grade!

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