Grandma Pat

24 Feb

Mike said it best, so I’ll excerpt part of his Facebook post here:

Grandma Pat fell asleep in her armchair over the weekend (as she was known to do), but this time she didn’t wake up. She lived 83 good years.

She was loving and nonjudgemental, but wasn’t afraid to yank you out of your chair by your ear if you were out of line.

Grandma Pat was a lovely woman. She was always incredibly kind to me, welcomed me to the family with open arms. She lent Mike and me 10% of the purchase price of our first home so we’d have a 20% down payment (we paid her back with interest and early, I’m proud to say). That investment in us is a huge part of the reason Mike and I have the life we have today.

When Michaela was born, Pat came down for several days. She held Michaela constantly and the two of them often fell asleep together. Grandma would be on the couch holding Michaela and one or the other of them would fall asleep. Eventually they’d both wake up, Michaela would have a diaper change, and Pat would take Michaela out to sit on the porch swing in the sun. One or both of them would fall asleep there, and the cycle would repeat. We were so frantic and tired that we didn’t snap a picture of the two of them napping together, which disappoints me more than I can express.

I’ll definitely miss Grandma Pat, but am happy she took her leave of the planet the way she wanted– peacefully, in her home, no slow decline in a nursing home, no move to be closer to one of her sons. I hope we will all be so lucky.


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