Unleashing My Inner Yogi

4 Feb

I’ve done yoga off and on over the years, including several periods when I did it multiple times a week. I love the way it calms my mind, helps me be more flexible, and tones my body. So I set an intention on Dec. 31 that I would start my mornings with 30 minutes of yoga each day. I have done that every day since!

I wake up about 40 minutes earlier than I used to, to give myself time to roll out my mat, turn the TV onto a yoga video (thanks, Amazon Prime Video!), do my 30 minutes, and feel genuinely refreshed at the end. I have felt less stressed during the day, even during crazy work days, and it inspires me to eat better, too.

I signed Michaela up for an after-school yoga class. It’s only an hour one day a week, but I thought she’d like it because her old nanny used to take her to yoga at the library. She has embraced it and comes home talking about different poses. Given that, I decided to get her her own mat (she had been using mine).

This morning, I asked her if she wanted to do yoga with me so she could try out her newly purchased mat. She said okay on the condition that we do her kids Cosmic Yoga. It’s a video series where a super enthusiastic British lady wearing a onesie spins a 15-minute yarn, using different poses and actions to advance the story. I prefer my regular video, but I figured what the heck. I felt like a total idiot making”meow” sounds during cat pose, but it sure was fun to do it together!

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