14 Jan

Friday night, we’re at home eating dinner. Out of nowhere, Michaela gets this big smile on her face and sort of breathlessly announces, “Claudia told Jack I like him!”

I almost fell out of my chair. Since kindergarten, various kids a school have had crushes and “boyfriends” and “girlfriends,” but Michaela was never one to express even a passing interest in that stuff.

Mike and I asked her, “Well, do you like him?”

She said yes, “But I didn’t want her to tell him! She told him I LOVE him. There’s a difference between like and love!”

(And for emphasis, as she was relating the difference between like and love, she did this adorable “Michaela look” that I desperately hope to capture on video before she outgrows it. Eyebrows up for emphasis, head cocked slightly to the side, gesturing descriptively.)

I asked her if she wanted Claudia to tell Jack Michaela liked him. She said no. So I asked why she told Claudia – her best friend – that she liked Jack.

Michaela gave me a “that’s a silly question!” look and said, “I told her because I wanted to tell her!”

To which Mike chimed in, “That’s what besties are for!”

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