Halloween Through the Years

31 Oct

In 2010 – Michaela’s first Halloween – she was the cutest monkey I’ve ever seen.


In 2011, she was an adorable garden gnome.


In 2012, she went trick-or-treating for the first time and dressed as a strawberry.

2012-10-31 20.10.24

2012-10-31 18.11.58

In 2013, she continued with the fruit theme and dressed as a banana.


In 2014, she – like millions of other girls – dressed as Elsa from “Frozen.” It was probably her least-inspired Halloween costume (and also the funkiest wig).


In 2015, Michaela was back to her usual, creative, random self. She was Ms. O from the PBS Kids show “Odd Squad.” The resemblance (the girl who plays Ms. O is a little brown girl) is much closer than her resemblance to the blonde Elsa.


Last year (2016), Michaela went back to fruits. Her dad helped her make a cool grape costume using balloons.



She really liked that, because this year (2017), she declared she was going to be a raspberry and wouldn’t go for anything other than balloons again.


Isn’t she sweet?



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