Solo Target Time

29 Oct

I woke up early this morning and everyone else was still asleep. I quietly brushed my teeth and threw on some clothes¬†before sneaking out the door. I pointed my car west, rocking out to some Echo and the Bunnymen (“Killing Moon” is my jam) while running through the Starbucks drive through for a grande chai tea latte. A couple of minutes after that, I¬†pulled into Target for a blessed solo trip!

I meandered through the clothes section, trying on some jeggings and a few tops. I picked up a few kitchen essentials we needed. I grabbed some new makeup. I went upstairs and looked at their books. Bought the hangers I needed (Michaela’s grown so much, her clothes are too big for the kid hangers we’ve been using). Hit the girls’ clothes section and bought a couple of things for Michaela that I didn’t need, strictly speaking.

Hell, I even splurged on the 10 cent bag since I left my reusable ones in the car!

It was amazing. Happy Sunday to me!

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  1. maycyu October 30, 2017 at 5:35 pm #

    That sounds like a lovely morning. Funny how enjoyable a solo trip to Target can be right now!

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