Long Time, No Write

9 Jul

I can’t believe nearly a month has gone by since I’ve posted!┬áHere’s a quick overview of the last three or so weeks:

  • We had a block party! Mike had the idea and made it happen, getting the permits, renting the traffic signs, coordinating neighbors to make food, etc. It was awesome! We talk a lot about moving (our house if fine, but it’s on a busy street and I wouldn’t mind having more useable yard), but stuff like this reminds me how hard it would be to leave our awesome neighbors.
  • Mike’s mom came to visit for a week. It’s always nice to have her with us, and this time was no different. She spoiled Michaela– and us! She watched Michaela one night so Mike and I could have a quick overnight getaway. We got a room at a downtown hotel, had dinner and drinks, slept in, and had nice together time. It was great!
  • While Laura was here, she took Michaela and me to high tea. We got dressed up, ate fancy (yummy) sandwiches and desserts, drank out of beautiful china, and enjoyed being girly for the afternoon.
  • We also took a day trip to Mexico, walking across the boarder and then meandering our way around Tijuana. I love living 20 miles from another country!
  • Michaela did a week-long, half-day art camp at the home studio of a local artist. She really liked it and came home with some cool art.
  • A couple of mom friends and I went to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was soooo nice to be out with friends! We had cocktails and stuffed ourselves full of decadent cheese and chocolate while talking about our kids, husbands, and families. I hope we’ll do it again soon!
  • Michaela got five inches cut off her hair. It had gotten really long. Now it’s just passed her shoulders, but it’s much easier to manage and cooler for her. She got really nervous before the haircut, in spite of the fact that she wanted it, so I encourages her to speak up with the hairdresser (my stylist), and she did great. In the end, Michaela loved her cut and I was proud of her independence and articulate way of expressing her needs and wants.
  • We went to Oklahoma for our annual 4th of July trip. There’s a lot to say about that, but the short version is, we had a lot of fun with Mike’s dad, stepmom, brothers, sisters-in-laws, and all the kids.

Those are the highlights!

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