Home improvement

21 May

It’s been just over four years since we moved into our house. It was move in-ready– the people who sold it did a bunch of smart improvements to help it sell, like removing the popcorn ceiling, putting in new doors,¬†and refinishing the hardwood floors. The only major project we’ve done was the kitchen remodel, which is now two years in the rearview mirror.

That being said, it’s time to do some updates. I’d like to redo both bathrooms, and the front yard needs a major update. I am hopeful we can get the master bath and front yard done this summer, but it’ll take focused effort… and probably mean no big trips, since we’ll do much of the work ourselves and can’t do it if we’re not here.

Or maybe we should buy a new house? That’s always an option, too. We went open housing again today. It’s crazy how much property values have climbed in our neighborhood since we bought! Of course, that means if we wanted to buy something around here, we’d be paying a lot more for it than before…

So yeah. Maybe a remodel it is.

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