Three Nights A Week

6 May

Michaela and I went to Souplantation tonight with a friend of hers. It’s always an interesting experience, to see what other kids eat. I’ve been with kids who skipped all the veggies and got only bread and macaroni and cheese, and I’ve been with kids who had a pretty balanced palate.

Tonight’s friend was telling us how she’s the one of her family’s three kids who likes to eat┬ávegetables and other healthy foods. She said she’d eat pretty much anything. I told her Michaela had eaten some interesting foods, because of our travels, and this was the resulting conversation…

Me: Well, like she’s had frog legs and chicken hearts…

C: Frog legs? Chicken hearts?!?! GROSS.

Michaela: Frog legs are GOOD. I could eat frog legs three nights a week. AT LEAST three nights a week! And chicken hearts are DELICIOUS!

Mind you, I don’t eat either of those things, but it tickles me that she’s an adventurous eater who is willing to try new things.

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