6 Nov

My relationship with my parental grandmother was complicated. She was a traditional Southern woman who had a lot of ideas about duty. She had very high standards and wasn’t especially inclined to praise. She wasn’t a warm woman, the kind of grandmother who you snuggle with and share secrets with. In fact, I used to say she’d outlive us all, out of spite.

As it turns out, that’s not true. She passed away this morning.

It wasn’t entirely unexpected, as she’d been in declining health for the last couple of months, but it still was a shock. I am trying to remind myself that she’s no longer in pain, and am focusing on supporting my father as he and his siblings tackle all the logistics that come “after.” I’m also trying desperately to not think about my own parents’ mortality (and, for the record, I am utterly failing).

Rest in peace, Grandmother.

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