2 Jan

It’s the new year, so everyone’s busy making resolutions.  I just read something the other day about how when you make a resolution and use your will power to stick with whatever you’ve committed to do, your ability to withstand other temptations is actually lessened.  So I’m using that as my scientifically-supported excuse for not making an resolutions.  The truth is, I know I won’t stick to them, so why set myself up for failure?  Instead, I’m going to try to set some intentions for the new year.

I want to spend less time in the evenings in front of my computer or playing games on my phone.  Instead, I want to spend more time with Mike or reading for pleasure.

I want to do a better job of keeping my “stuff” in check.  Our house isn’t that big, my closet is full.  I don’t need any more clothes or any more stuff.

Finally, I also want to be better about a skincare routine.  I buy all these products but don’t use them consistently, and I should.

My goal is not to say “It’s January 1st and as of today, I’m going to do all these things!”  I just want to, having now put these aspirations out there, to remind myself each day to try to do better.  Even if it’s not every day, doing something is better than doing nothing.  So why not give it a try?

Did you set any resolutions/aspirations?  What are they?

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