2012 in Review

28 Dec

How about 12 highlights for the 12th year of the millenium?  Mike’s list might look different than mine, but since I’m the blogger-in-chief around here, you get to read my list, not his.

12. Getting my APR.

11. Being awarded a Telly and a Bernays Award for this video I conceptualized and produced.

10. Obama’s reelection.

9. Lots of awesome domestic trips, including to Arizona in February for a friend’s wedding (plus a stay at a resort with its own water park!), Kansas in February for Mike’s brother’s wedding, a road trip to the Bay Area in June, the lake house in Oklahoma in July, a girls’ weekend in Palm Springs in September, and Denver in November for Thanksgiving.

8. Finding an amazing new daycare for Michaela.  They take such good care of her and the rest of the kids.  It’s been fun to watch her blossom in the new environment.

7. Getting to meet my college roommate’s adorable and sweet son.

6. Getting a new job (and making it to my first day on time)!

5. Spending more time with my parents and brother.  It’s especially fun for me to watch them interact with Michaela.

4. Mike’s business doing better than ever.  He is so talented!

3. Michaela turning three and a great party to celebrate!

2. The family trip to Disneyland Mike, Michaela and I took in September.  It was a blast and together we made some great memories.  Michaela was old enough to know some of the characters and to be able to wait in line without too much fuss, but still young enough to take a killer two hour nap in her stroller in the middle of the park.  Definitely the best birthday present I’ve gotten in a long time.

1. A Mike-and-Music-only, nearly-two-week-long trip to Europe!

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