Christmas 2012

26 Dec

Christmas gets more and more fun each year, as Michaela gets older and “gets” it more.  This year she was still on the fence about Santa–didn’t want to see him and didn’t want him to come to our house, but was happy to have him leave presents, thankyouverymuch!  She loves ornaments and Christmas lights, though, and all the cards decorations.  And the movies!  When we were in Colorado for Thanksgiving, Nana introduced Michaela to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and once we were home, we watched “Yes, Virginia,” an animated movie based on “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.”

At Macy’s, a few days before Christmas.  Santa who?

Seeing snow at the mall.  It looks super wintery, courtesy of the soap flake “snow,” but the picture was taken here in San Diego.

Our beautiful tree– from Costco, like most of our purchases!

When I was growing up, on Christmas Eve, my mom, her sister, my brother and I would rent movies and order pizza.  This year, Mike, Michaela and I did a variation of that, watching a kid’s movie (alas, “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” couldn’t hold Michaela’s attention so we ended up watching “A Very Monkey Christmas,” an animated Curious George Christmas movie that was really painful to the adults but fascinating to the toddler).  I love new traditions!

The three of us at movie time.

My parents and brother joined us for brunch on Christmas morning.  We did that for the first time last year, since morning is the only time my brother is able to celebrate with us, and it worked really well.  The food was good (banana-cherry baked oatmeal, spinach and mushroom mini quiches, plain scrambled eggs, sausage, and home fries) and we had a lot of fun opening presents.

Opening a giant box from Grandma Janice and Grandpa Bill.

Inside was a “Baby Alive” doll!

I indulged Michaela’s love of Curious George (and my love of basketball) with a shirt that shows him dribbling a basketball and says “I Got Skills.”  (Obviously not grammar skills, but still.)

Did someone say basketball?  Uncle Michael is on it!

One of Michaela’s other favorite gifts from mom and dad was a train set.  Nana and Papa got extra tracks for it, so the whole thing (not shown here) is huge!

Hope you had as Merry a Christmas as we did!

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