3 Jul

Today was my last day at the job I’ve had for the last two and a half years.  I was honored to work on an amazingly high-performing team, with talented people and a great leader/mentor/friend.  And while I’m leaving for an excellent opportunity that I’m very excited about, I feel a little unsettled.  I guess because I’m not a big fan of change and this is a big one!

I had to send back my Blackberry, and for the first time since 2009, I will only have one cell phone.  I have to admit, I feel a little uneasy without my beloved BB.  When I went to Starbucks this afternoon, I instinctively reached for it while I waited for my drink, so I could see if I had any new work email.  Well guess what?  I’m (temporarily) unemployed, so no, I didn’t have any work email!

Next week, when I start my new job, I’ll be meeting a lot of new people.  I’ll be commuting to work every day, which will be a big change.  No more wearing my uniform of bath robe or yoga pants and a t-shirt every day.  No more conference calls; now I’ll be attending in-person meetings.  These are all good things, but wow, are they different!

While it’s a little scary (not because of the work, which I know I can do), I am really looking forward to taking this step.  I am excited to get to decorate my new office and to make new contacts and to hopefully be a part of–in fact, a leader of–another high-performing team.  Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll have good stories!

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